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Evanti solutions for Manufacturers of Hubs and User Terminals (CPE)

Recently, satellite telecom industry has been a booming segment. On one hand, the market shows a growing capacity, creating the demand for equipment, on the other, equipment becomes more and more complex as solutions for mass service appear. As a result, we see an increasing availability of VSAT-based access and a rising demand for it from new customer segments; thus, equipment manufacturers enter new market segments previously closed for satellite technologies due to high prices and complicated implementation process. Powered by over a decade of experience, Evanti solutions mainly targets mass SMB and B2C segments.

Evanti solutions offer the following benefits to equipment manufacturers:

  • QoS and PEP technologies tried through long-term use in the broadband satellite environment
  • Collective access technologies to meet the demand on the market
  • BSS that allows supplying customers with a turn-key business foundation, not a mere equipment kit
  • Evanti Smart Market interactive service plan system
  • Consulting services
  • Technical support