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Smart Market Approach

Evanti’s Smart Market offers a QoE (quality of end-user experience) management solution. It engages customers into a channel management process and leverages collective intelligence. As an optimization tool, Smart Market delivers a win-win situation for both operators and subscribers at any given time based on current subscriber's needs and operator's capacity load. Flexible tools for building solution-to-subscriber relations and getting feedback, elements of the game theory and optimization techniques of behavioral economics allow operators to evolve from QoS management to QoE management.

Smart Market can operate both as server and client-server solution on various types of networks. It has been developed and tested on satellite networks that experience most rigid capacity, price and quality constraints. 

The philosophy behind Smart Market is built upon the principle that network optimization is not necessarily a zero-sum game between the operator and subscribers. Key Smart Market performance indicators: Revenue per capacity and customer loyalty, combined together; that is what sets Evanti’s solution apart from other market players and gives it a competitive edge.

The solution has been commercializied. It includes: traffic accelerator, channel shaper, advanced real-time QoS manager, front-end solutions. Smart Market was implemented in networks of several satellite operators: both in Russia and abroad. Now we seek new implementation opportunities in other wireless segments.