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Evanti NOBS System

Network Operator’s Business Support System is a management solution targeted at satellite Internet service providers operating in the retail segment. NOBS-System by Evanti is a product of the expertise gained over a decade of experiments in developing and implementing business support systems in one of the most sophisticated regions, including Russia and neighbouring countries, with the market serving more than 1m households and experienceing a fierce competition.

NOBS-System can be deployed in an amazingly fast and easy way. As long as you have a VSAT hub with NOBS installed on it and satellite capacity to operate, you are good to launch retail sales. All the key installation and operation settings are accessible through the NOBS GUI, so you can configure your retail business to fit your needs. It’s easy, versatile and efficient

Our solution will accommodate for almost any commercial and business model that you can think of. Multiple operators, service providers, VNO’s, sales agents, enterprises and individual users - all nested into a flexible hierarchy that you shape. Over the last 10 years we have provided solutions tailored to innumerable business models in over 20 countries. Being aware of the diversity and variety of business models and processes in our industry, we took great effort to make NOBS extremely adjustable

Key Features and Benefits

Tariffs or service plans, packages, SLA levels, collective usage plans - with NOBS in place your partners and customers can enjoy ultimate variability of service plans. Be creative in your business, apply your customers’ insight and market knowledge as you please with NOBS's built-in types of service and service plans.

Money is the flesh of your business; money flow is the blood of our system. The NOBS-System supports incoming payments through all existing types of payment systems, manages accounts and balances, provides generation of customers’ and finance documents - all to assist the accounting department of your business. Our record implementation required one accounting job per as much as 10,000 active customers. Personal pages and accounts make the system accessible to all kinds of clients, providing flexible service management with the minimum staff envolved.

The NOBS features a unique expert system for troubleshooting. With each request from the customer, the technical support operator is guided through a series of comprehensive tests and checks, helping to identify and resolve up to 99% of the incidents. This allows for a significant reduction of 1 and 2-Tier support expenses and improves customers’ experience of interacting with your company.

Naturally, NOBS also supports all the common features of a business support system for service providers:

  • Prepaid billing
  • Postpaid billing and credit management
  • Equipment and stock management: storage, dispatch, RMA, installation
  • Automatic creation of customizable documents (bill of sale, invoice, etc.) to be saved, printed or e-mailed
  • Rating/charging by traffic volume/time/throughput
  • Implementation of a complex rating logic and QoS policy enforcement (PCRF)
  • Value added services rating/charging
  • Integration with payment systems as ready-made modules
  • Scratch-cards: issue, sales and processing support
  • Flexible reporting system
  • Customer self-service portal including:
    • Data usage, actions log and current status check
    • Service management (read-write implementation)
    • Payments
    • Integration with the troubleshooting module
  • Troubleshooting system including:
    • Ticket system for control and escalation
    • Troubleshooting wizard for standard issues
    • Templates for integration with an external ticket system
  • Multi-level employee management and advanced access rights system
  • Activity logging and audit
  • REST/SOAP API for integration with external systems

We also offer comprehensive integration and consulting services to satellite service providers, including:

  • NOBS-System setup and fine-tuning
  • Customization of NOBS according to your requests and integration with external systems
  • Personnel training and education
  • Support and maintenance service with flexible SLAs