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Year: 2005 - present
Customer: Raduga Internet
Country: Moscow, Russia
Description: Adaptation of the Evanti satellite platform to customers’ needs with the aim to launch a symmetric and asymmetric retail satellite service in the Ku- and Ka-bands across Russia. More effective bandwidth use in the context of a weak population solvency and a satellite resource shortages.
  • Multi-Platform Subscription Management
  • Integration with the Viasat, Newtec, Hughes, Hughes Jupiter hubs and the Skylogic Platform
  • Monitoring
  • Ticket System
  • BackUp and Disaster Recovery
  • Management of Equipment Storage, Bundling, Sales, Shipment and Installation
  • Multi-Level Distribution Network Management
  • Reward and Premium Management for All Top-to-Bottom Stakeholders
  • Payment Gateways
  • CMS
  • Collective Access
  • Service Plan Management Tools
  • Consulting
  • Community Management
  • Technical Support

«Raduga-Internet has been cooperating with Evanti team since 2005. And it is to Evanti that we owe our high performance and efficiency. With Evanti solutions, we have successfully demonstrated to market actors that there can be high-quality satellite communication for a reasonable price»

Denis Dianov,