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Year: 2013-2014
Customer: Amos-Spacecom
Country: Tel Aviv, Israel
Description: Adaptation of the Evanti satellite platform to customer’s’ needs with the aim to launch an asymmetric Hybrid retail service via Amos-5 satellite operating in the Ku-band across Africa and powered by Forsway. More efficient bandwidth use in the context of a weak population solvency and a costly satellite resource.
  • Assistance in finding the end product vendor
  • Integration with Forsway Terminals
  • Service Plan Management Tools
  • CMS
  • Implementation of Multilingual Interfaces in Russian, French, English and Chinese
  • Ticket System
  • Management of Equipment Storage, Bundling, Sales, Shipment and Installation
  • Multi-Level Distribution Network Management
  • Reward and Premium Management for All Top-to-Bottom Stakeholders
  • Consulting
  • Multilingual Technical Support

«Evanti proved to be a reliable partner geared up for success. The company demonstrated professionalism, flexibility, and an ability to respond swiftly to unexpected project developments.»

Haim Frank Hamshalom, 
Senior Vice President


«Forsway would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the services of Evanti, which we have always found to be highly professional and extremly reliable »

Tobias Forsell, 
Managing Director