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After over 10 years of a strong commitment to  developing the Platform, Evanti has become the only solution company that can provide: 

  • Solutions based on the cutting edge technology with established and proven implementation methods and efficiency;
  • Annually reviewed versions and system releases with technology and functionality upgrades;
  • Multilingual fully manned help desk facilities;
  • Access to the best professional consultants.

Unlike most solution providers, we are happy to offer this owing to:

  • Over 10 years of operational activity with the same focus, same core team;
  • Sustainable investment into development, with exceptionally high share of revenue going to R&D;
  • Dynamic product laboratory;
  • Advanced technology encompassing unique algorithms developed in cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Fund;
  • Proactive steps to keep up with the latest technologies and beyond;
  • Renowned competence of Russian programmers and developers.

When Evanti came into being in 2005, it brought together two sets of expertise: the first being that of a group of telco consultants; the second that of established software house.

The aim was to develop a service model going far beyond the simple delivery of a software package - a long-term commitment to putting forward software solutions for the satellite telecom sector with extended life-cycles that grow and support the users’ changing business operations through years.