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Why choose Evanti

Evanti is a supplier of IT-software solutions 
aiming to meet the needs of the satellite telecommunication industry. Our goal is to optimize our clients’ businesses with the focus on satellite B2B and B2C data services. Implementing our renowned products and solutions, namely the Evanti QoS, Evanti PEP, Evanti NOBS System, our customers enjoy:

Rich experience in launching satellite telecom services
Low CapEx
Wide range of Service Plans
Efficient Bandwidth Utilization
Automation and Scalability
Flexible Deployment Options

Evanti has a huge experience in integrating its solutions in on emerging markets. The Evanti platform is a product of over 10 years of continuous software development and refinement in close collaboration with users at all levels in the satellite telecommunication sector.

Evanti — Skolkovo resident since 2013

Skolkovo Partnership

When Skolkovo Foundation came into being to promote R&D activities across all industries, Evanti grasped this opportunity to boost its innovative potential and extend its business. To receive a grant, we...


Evanti is the only provider in the world offering solutions for asymetric services

years of innovative experience
Skolkovo grants for innovation
running platform in Ku- and Ka- bands
400 000
clients online


Satellite 2016
Our colleague, System Architect Dima Krot, presented Evanti NOBS System and Evanti Collective Access to customers of...
10 March 2016
Eutelsat S.A. has chosen Evanti LLC as the developer and...
Eutelsat S.A. has chosen Evanti LLC as the developer and supplier of the OSS/BSS system for the Ka-band service operated by...
15 February 2016
Evanti LLC signed a contract with Advantech Wireless Inc.
Evanti LLC signed a contract with Advantech Wireless Inc. for the delivery of integrated solutions within the Advatech hub.
30 September 2015


  • 11, Ordzhonikidze St., Moscow Russia
  • info@evanti.ru